Robyn Is Back To Make Us Dance Again With New Song ‘Honey’

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Sunday night’s episode of Girls featured more than just stunned reactions to Hannah’s pregnancy and scenes from Adam and Jessa’s shitty movie. It also gifted the world a brand new song from Robyn.

Marked by throbbing synths and sleek vocals, “Honey” is a dance-pop jam that played over the episode’s end credits on March 19. It has yet to be released in any official capacity, but a decent chunk of it has been uploaded to SoundCloud, complete with some dialogue from the show.

Robyn revealed on Instagram that Girls creator/star Lena Dunham selected “Honey” from a collection of in-progress tracks from her forthcoming album, the long-awaited follow-up to 2010’s Body Talk. “It wasn’t ready to be released, but I finished this version for her and Girls,” she wrote.

Dunham added that it was “the biggest honor” to have “Honey” on the show, especially since Robyn was part of one of Girls’s most memorable music moments: Hannah and Marnie’s season 1 bedroom dance party to “Dancing on My Own.” With the HBO show now in its sixth and final season, it’s only right to see it come full circle with another dose of Robyn’s musical magic.

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