New HypeBeast Submission : Mr Get Down @ColdenBrown

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Did #InsanAsylum’s recording artist ​ EM JAY foresee the outcome of the U.S. Presidential Election? Talk about perfect timing! On 1OCT16, the Houston emcee released 3 new singles that gave a refreshing response to the huge White House upset. Better described, as a rhythmic prelude to a kiss. The calm before the storm. Reminding the walking dead to, “FOCUS”​ on YOUR​ priorities, how it’s imperative to be ready for “ANYBODY”​!!! With the tone of the country, you must be mentally prepared to educate and protect what’s valuable to you, and to keep it moving, because the level heads of the world have “NO TIME FOR TRIPPIN”​ post election. EM JAY​ is more than Hip Hop. His music is a movement.


Encouraging Generation X and Millennials to be mindful, while building their future. EM JAY​ lyrically, diametrically, skillfully & articulately informs you he & others are, to quote, “…ready for anybody messing with me” ​ . However, more importantly it was an election and tomorrow the bills must be paid, and with holidays right around the corner, everyone should have, “No Time For Trippin”​. The Ole Coon himself got that heat on all levels. All three songs are in rotation and can be purchased at: Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play.

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